First of all, you need Borland Delphi version 5, 6, or 7. The Desktop or Personal edition is good enough. The Personal version is a free Delphi version that has been shipped with some magazines.


You will need some third party component packages.

And you need the sourcecode of Phoenix Mail. You have two options:

Setting up the development environment

  1. Install the RX library.
    If you have Delphi Desktop, Standard or Professional Edition, open RX.INC and deactivate the DCS (DelphiClientServer) define.
    For Delphi 7, open and compile the package rxctl7.dpk and open and install the package dclrx7.dpk. For Delphi 5 or 6 use the packages with the corresponding number. Add the path for these packages to the Library Path in the Environment Settings.
  2. Install the ExtListView component.
    For Delphi 6 or 7, open the package dfs.dpk and install it. For Delphi 5, use the package dfs_d5.dpk. Add the path for this component to the Library Path in the Environment Settings.
  3. Open-XML Utility Library.
    You may install this library, or just unpack it to a directory and add that directory to the Library Path in the Environment Settings.
  4. Install the Phoenix Mail component package.
    This package resides in the comps subdirectory of the downloaded Phoenix Mail source. For Delphi 6 or 7 open and install the Phoenix6and7.dpk package, for Delphi 5 use the Phoenix5.dpk package.
  5. Open the phoenix project and compile.
    Before compiling you could check the output directory in the project settings.