The idea

For me it would just be fun to be able to extract all messages from Outlook Express and store them in Phoenix Mail. For others, it could be useful (there is a feature request about this).
Two years ago I started writing a test application, that was able to display the folders, messages and message contents of all messages that where stored in my Outlook Express folders. It was fun, but I didn't use it and stopped working on it. Today, I decided to add that code to the cvs repository, so it can be used by everyone.

Outlook Express .dbx files import

Outlook Express stores it's messages in .dbx files, which are binary files. The format of these files is proprietary, but Arne Schloh made a description of the format of these files, which was all information I needed to get started. You can download the test application (561 KB) if you want, the source can be downloaded from the cvs repository.

Third party tools

There are some third party tools that can extract messages from .DBX files.